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I forgot my Meth coupon! February 22, 2009

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Guess what’s on sale at Target……


Reminds me of lyrics from a Smile Empty Soul song, Bottom of a Bottle,  “I did it for the drugs”

That’s right ladies and gents you too can get Meth on sale for 12.95 for 1.89L at a Target near you.  I’m not so sure that Meth is even measured in L or Oz for that matter but hey it sounds like a bargin!

So I didn’t buy any Meth but I did buy these…..




Oh-so-emotional February 14, 2009

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So I had all these things lined up to get done today.  Really had the intent to do them as well.  However I didn’t really get to any of them.

Got up around 10 (which rocked) and just chilled at home. All morning did next to nothing.  Watch a lot of movies on TV cooked some lunch and then continued with the TV movies through the afternoon.  This evening I cooked dinner and watched a movie I had from Netflix.  It was slightly emotional.   I ran to Sonic got a slushie and ice cream cone and came back home.  Round 2 the second movie that I have in from Netflix.  VERY emotional movie.  Right now I’m feeling like I’m on emotion overload.  Who knew I had so many different emotions and could have them all roughly at the same time??  I’m usually not an emotional kind of person but honestly right now I dont’ know what to say.  Its all right there on the surface, nothing holding me back. Don’t get me wrong I’m not balling or anything just feeling very emotional and Mixed emotions at that.

Maybe its all the movies in one day.  Maybe that’s a bad idea.  This must be what it feels like to be one of those people who actually has emotions all the time……. not sure I could handle it.  Not sure I can handle it right now either.  I think I’ll call it a night and just go to bed. Maybe all my emotions can go away by the time I wake up and everything will be back to normal again right?


UPDATE! Thank you Eagle! February 12, 2009

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OMG I can’t believe it!! Watching some TV this afternoon……. Eagle has a new commercial!! First time in 7 months!!!!

Eagle you must have read my post!  Thank you! You made my afternoon!


I’m a Target

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This morning at around O dark 30 I was driving to work rocking out to some Boyz II Men on old HWY 40.  I see a cop up a head and glance at my speed.. I’m going slightly UNDER the speed limit… I’m good.

I drive on by and continue rocking out.  A few moments later I see the headlights of the cop car turn on and the car begin driving down the HWY behind me followed quickly by some ever so familiar blue and red lights. Yup he pulled me over.  UNBELIEVEABLE! He was super nice and when he said I pulled you over because your tag light is out I practically yelled at him I KNEW I wasn’t speeding!! I got a warning and a nice little converstation with the nice cop and went on my mary way to work.  I swear there HAS to be a target on my car or something.  This is twice within 2 months!! Give me a break!


There once was a productive day… February 10, 2009

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So this doesn’t happen often but today was a productive day!!! WOOT WOOT!!

Got TONS done at work today…stayed busy from 5:30 – 1:45 with about 10 min total of wasted time.

Right from work I went to the grocery store.  Got lots of grocerys finally… I had next to nothing in my house!

After that I came home..put away the groceries…grabbed some paperwork and headed to the courthouse/DMV and renewd my Drivers License!

After renewing the old DL I swung by the Dollar store an picked up a few misc. items I needed and am not at home checking radars!

What a productive day!  I still plan to work on a few things for work tonight and make some dinner! WOOT WOOT!!  You gotta cherish these productive days…..they almost NEVER happen.


Dear Eagle Communications, February 4, 2009

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Your commercial has to go.  At this point its doing more harm than good for your company.  Please change it or pull it.  For the good of your company honestly.

Your concept is not the problem.  In fact I admire your efforts to make 3 things seem like more.  Lets take a quick look at your current commercial…

You talk about the “Eagle Advantage” (this gives the illusion of a great deal to customers! I like it.)

then you name 3 of your advantages (this too not a horrible idea)

Here comes the problem….its always the same 3 advantages.  EVERYTIME I’ve seen your commercial since May of 08 on a very regular basis and have NEVER seen anything new.  Always the same three advantages.

Advantage # 23 – No lengthy contracts

Advantage #56 – No phone line required

Advantage # 15 – Choose 1 or our “E” – conomical bundle

Now don’t get me wrong I like the fact that you number them random numbers, this adds to the illusion of an actual list of advantages.  And the advantages mentioned aren’t so bad themselves either.  The problem lies in the fact that they are ALWAYS the same 3 advantages 23,56,&15!  We get it by now Eagle.  Here’s the deal its getting real old.

As for 1 last positive note since the turn of the new year you did feel the need to add at the end of the commercial “May 2009 be your best year yet!” It does sound a little funny still being in the commercial because well we’re 1 month into 09 now. And a little odd that you didn’t change ANYTHING else in the commercial just tacked that on the end.  But I applaud your efforts to make it “fresh and new”.

I believe your company gets the job done.  No I’m not taking my business elsewhere.  I just think you should realize the negative effects your commercial has.  I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way.  Come on Eagle Comm you’re not dumb. Please just make the effort and change the commercial.  You wont regret it!


Concerned Customer