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Dear Eagle Communications, February 4, 2009

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Your commercial has to go.  At this point its doing more harm than good for your company.  Please change it or pull it.  For the good of your company honestly.

Your concept is not the problem.  In fact I admire your efforts to make 3 things seem like more.  Lets take a quick look at your current commercial…

You talk about the “Eagle Advantage” (this gives the illusion of a great deal to customers! I like it.)

then you name 3 of your advantages (this too not a horrible idea)

Here comes the problem….its always the same 3 advantages.  EVERYTIME I’ve seen your commercial since May of 08 on a very regular basis and have NEVER seen anything new.  Always the same three advantages.

Advantage # 23 – No lengthy contracts

Advantage #56 – No phone line required

Advantage # 15 – Choose 1 or our “E” – conomical bundle

Now don’t get me wrong I like the fact that you number them random numbers, this adds to the illusion of an actual list of advantages.  And the advantages mentioned aren’t so bad themselves either.  The problem lies in the fact that they are ALWAYS the same 3 advantages 23,56,&15!  We get it by now Eagle.  Here’s the deal its getting real old.

As for 1 last positive note since the turn of the new year you did feel the need to add at the end of the commercial “May 2009 be your best year yet!” It does sound a little funny still being in the commercial because well we’re 1 month into 09 now. And a little odd that you didn’t change ANYTHING else in the commercial just tacked that on the end.  But I applaud your efforts to make it “fresh and new”.

I believe your company gets the job done.  No I’m not taking my business elsewhere.  I just think you should realize the negative effects your commercial has.  I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way.  Come on Eagle Comm you’re not dumb. Please just make the effort and change the commercial.  You wont regret it!


Concerned Customer


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