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I’m a Target February 12, 2009

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This morning at around O dark 30 I was driving to work rocking out to some Boyz II Men on old HWY 40.  I see a cop up a head and glance at my speed.. I’m going slightly UNDER the speed limit… I’m good.

I drive on by and continue rocking out.  A few moments later I see the headlights of the cop car turn on and the car begin driving down the HWY behind me followed quickly by some ever so familiar blue and red lights. Yup he pulled me over.  UNBELIEVEABLE! He was super nice and when he said I pulled you over because your tag light is out I practically yelled at him I KNEW I wasn’t speeding!! I got a warning and a nice little converstation with the nice cop and went on my mary way to work.  I swear there HAS to be a target on my car or something.  This is twice within 2 months!! Give me a break!


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