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Oh-so-emotional February 14, 2009

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So I had all these things lined up to get done today.  Really had the intent to do them as well.  However I didn’t really get to any of them.

Got up around 10 (which rocked) and just chilled at home. All morning did next to nothing.  Watch a lot of movies on TV cooked some lunch and then continued with the TV movies through the afternoon.  This evening I cooked dinner and watched a movie I had from Netflix.  It was slightly emotional.   I ran to Sonic got a slushie and ice cream cone and came back home.  Round 2 the second movie that I have in from Netflix.  VERY emotional movie.  Right now I’m feeling like I’m on emotion overload.  Who knew I had so many different emotions and could have them all roughly at the same time??  I’m usually not an emotional kind of person but honestly right now I dont’ know what to say.  Its all right there on the surface, nothing holding me back. Don’t get me wrong I’m not balling or anything just feeling very emotional and Mixed emotions at that.

Maybe its all the movies in one day.  Maybe that’s a bad idea.  This must be what it feels like to be one of those people who actually has emotions all the time……. not sure I could handle it.  Not sure I can handle it right now either.  I think I’ll call it a night and just go to bed. Maybe all my emotions can go away by the time I wake up and everything will be back to normal again right?


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