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SURPRISE! March 8, 2009

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So today started out just like any other Sunday.  Got up and got ready.  I got to Salina, picked up Sarah and headed to church.  Went to Sunday school and church.  After church I figured we’d go for our usual “standing” lunch date with me, Sarah, and Carrie.  Carrie called and told Sarah she needed to do a few things and she’d call when she was ready.  Sarah and I went and got a few things at Walmart.  Then Carrie called.  Said she needed a favor from me.  Said she was at a park with her brother and after he left her car wouldn’t start.  She needed a jump.  Sarah and I get in my car and head to the park.  We’re driving to the shelter in the back (where Carrie said she had parked) when I notice a car that looks like Megans car… huh that’s strange, I thought,  then I noticed Rachels car and thought… wow did they have something and not invite me?  Strange again.. then I see Noah’s car….ok I get it now.  Because Rachel and Megan don’t know Noah.

Yes it was a Surprise party for me.  Crazy friends of mine threw me a surprise party for my birthday on Wednesday.  It was amazing to see all those people in one place!! Amazing the distance they all drove!  I had an awesome time!  Burke and Teresa drove up from Kinsley.  Lisa A. came from Garden City, Jamie from Wichita, Megan from Lawrence, Lisa B. from Ellsworth, and Noah, Matt, Harold, Sarah, & Carrie from Salina.  What a great time and a great Surprise!! I know that God has really blessed me and today it was overwhelmingly obvious!


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