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Work Birthday March 11, 2009

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So today is my actual birthday.  Woke up and was getting ready when I got a phone call at 4:50am  Mark remembered it was my birthday and called me before both he and I went to work.  Then I go to work with a coffee cake I made ready for an uneventful day.

During the show we start talking about American Idol when Robert says he’s going to grab one of the DJs from across the hall becuase they were just talking about A.I.  So he says just talk amungst yourself.  So I went on and on about American Idol and what I thought…as I was talking to myself.  Soon after Robert walks in with a paper plate holding a homemade taco and a cupcake with a candle in it!  Yup he MADE tacos for my birthday!  He brought in a crockpot of taco meat that he made and all the fixins like lettus, tomatoes, cheese, and salsa.  While I’m eating my taco (on-air) he gives me a pink bag and says this present goes with it.  I open it up and its a can of Squirt soda.  lol Squirt is kind of a Morning Show joke.  So I enjoyed my tacos and squirt this morning during the show thanks to Robert!!!!

Honestly am shocked!  It means a lot that he a.)remmeberd b.) cared  c.)made the food and d.)said he brought in tacos becuase he knows Mexican food is my favorite.  There was also a happy birthday sign on the studio window.  So we all got to enjoy tacos and coffee cake today!!!  I’m now enjoying a grape slush from sonic happy hours…. hey its my birthday!!


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