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Uncommon March 17, 2009

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So I’ve felt very motivated latley to change my life.  I tribute it the study we have recently started in our homegroup.  Its by Chip Ingrum and its called the miricle of life change.  Our studies have been going really good latley and very motivating.  Also a big part of this is our newest member in our homegroup.  Zach is his name.  I think he is inspiering us all.

During the first session of this study we had to name a few things we’d like to change in our lives.  I mentioned something I’ve struggled with for a long time.  Confidence.  I’d love to have some confidence….or a little more at least.  I don’t want to be over confident or anything but I do want some form of confidence.  Zach recommended a book for me to read.  Although it wont find the confidence in me by just reading it, It could inspire me or at least point me in the right direction.

uncommon-tony-dungy1I’ve started reading this book and so far I am really enjoying it.  The book is Uncommon by Tony Dungy.  Dungy is the Colts football head coach.  He’s written a number of books but I believe this is his most recent one.  Its about finding your significance.  He is a christian and is very spiritual.  The whole book is directed to focusing on your gifts, and talents and living your life an uncommon way with the confidence in your abilities.  Granted I’m only about half way through the book so far but I’m very interested.  I NEVER read but this has got me reading like crazy.  I know it’s not going to just hand over my confidence to me, but I do believe that will help me in my search for it.


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