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Spring has Sprung March 28, 2009

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Glad to see that spring has sprung.  I took this picture this morning in the middle of my front yard.  Its my ruler in the snow.  The yard is pretty even so I don’t think its in a snow drift looks close to 8 inches give or take a little.  The front porch measures over 5 inches but its protected by the house quite a bit.  Here’s the porch…

dsc00440Nothing compared to SW and W Kansas!  But still a good amount of snow.  So glad that spring is here.

UPDATE:  5:45pm – So the sun came out which helped melt some of the snow.  Street looks alright…messy but alright. So I ventured out to my driveway and spent some quality time with my MP3 player and shovel.

dsc00446Not beautiful …but I’m tired. So there ya go that’s as good as it gets.  I’m tired now.


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