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June Update June 9, 2009

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Ok so its been awhile… my apologies.

Been really busy latley and not a whole lot of free time.  You know the drill when you finally get the free time you use it to sleep, eat, watch House, and play Wii and really not a whole lot of that either.

Working lots of hours these days. Last week I went in early every day and stayed late every day as well. Just lots to do and not so many people around to do them.  Its our busy time right now so its a little understandable.  Still feels like about 3 employees total though.   Lost 1 full time and 1 part time employee in the last few weeks (are loosing I guess I should say).  Which doesn’t help the work load much. We started a new thing with texting this past few weeks.  I guess its my baby.  i’m not really happy about that but what’s a girl to do?  Feel a little nervous and responsible though when/if something goes wrong with it.  Only because its been placed in my lap for the last 5 months and now its in action & apparently I’m in charge. As of yesterday I’m scheduled for 6 remotes in the next 2 weeks. More to come for sure.  Just needing a vacation that’s all. No time to take one right now.

Saturday I threw a bridal shower for Teresa.  I think it went well.  Just over 45 people showed up.  Lots of work but hopefully it was successful.  Getting things all lined up for the other wedding events.

Having some major pain in my leg again.  It happens usually about once a week all year round and this time of year a little more often because of the unsettled weather but normally not this bad or often.  I did go running on it a few weeks ago which ALMOST killed me.  I was litterally in tears as I limped back to my house.  I made a few calls and was told I’d never run again.  that stinks.  My leg’s been hurting a ton this week.  Almost constant for the last 3 days and keeping me from getting sleep. Going to have to do something if this keeps up.

This kind of sounds like a downer update but really things are pretty good.  Work is going good just busy, life outside of work is good too spending some good time with friends and really enjoying life…maybe not to the fullest but fairly close. lol.  Hope all is well with all of you!