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Love the Rain! October 8, 2009

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Its a beautiful day full of beautiful rain!

So I’m killing time waiting until 3 so I can swim.  I’ve been keeping it up now.  I really enjoy it and really get a fairly good workout.  I have different excercises I do and swim laps.  I have really grown to enjoy it.   Just not the time I have to kill waiting to go do it.


On a different note my mom called me today and says “If I die on the highway, DON’T put up a cross!” lol That has got to be the most random thing ever to come out of my mother’s mouth.  I was stunned and just responded… “Do you plan to die on the highway?”  lol.  Oh it still makes me laugh hours later.  She was so serious about it though.  When I asked why it was such a big deal she responded “I AM NOT JESUS! I didn’t die on a cross!”  And my thoughs were… well no you’d have died on the highway not a cross.. but I didn’t dare say that.  I said “No mom you are not Jesus.  I guess I understand your point.  How about we put up a wreath.”  LOL!! She says, “EW! No I don’t want a wreath either!”  I said “what do you want mom a Harley emblem or bike cut out?” Finally I got her to laugh a little and she said something along the lines of that she’ll die with a smile on her face. What a strange conversation.  But I decided when I die… DON’T put up a cross! LOL!


One Response to “Love the Rain!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Ha ha. That IS random. “…you’d have died on the highway not a cross.” Ha ha! Classic.

    I admire that you’re sticking to the workout swims. I need to get back into being active again. I’m thinking of getting some REAL winter gear and walking to work all winter, rain sleet or snow! hehe

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