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Quick Post November 5, 2009

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Here’s a quick post….becuase I’m sitting in the coffee shop and they are about to close but I don’t want to leave yet and not enough time to start something else to work on.

I found out last week the source of my leg pain (so they think.) I got to see the 1st X-ray in 3 years.  Guess what… I have a broken leg! That would explain it.  The little bone, fibula, never grew completly back together after the 2002 accident.  Why its bothered me more in the last 6 months we don’t know.

leg up closeYou can see the rod in my big bone, Tibia, which seems to be healed alright, and the break in the fibula.  It was originally broke in 2 places and the top part rejoined by itself… the bottom was supposed to but didn’t (as you can see.)

Yesterday I had a bone scan done where they place radioactive fluids in you and take lots and lots of scans (1 every 4 seconds) to figure out the ‘hot spots’.  It was interesting. I find out in 2 weeks from yesterday (nov. 18) if I’ll be having surgery to place a plate and pins in.  Its about 75 -25 in favor of surgery.  Not great odds.  Anyway very busy with doctor apts and work and everything but just wanted to update when I had a minuet. Ok Moca’s is closing in 5 min I better head out.  Here’s to good sipping!



One Response to “Quick Post”

  1. Matt Says:

    Gee, looks fine to me, Jenn. What’s all the fuss about?

    Kidding! Man alive! I can understand why that could be a source of pain.

    Surgery is always a scary prospect, but if there’s a good chance it can help you live a better life in the long term you gotta go for it, right? We’ll be prayin’ for ya!

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