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Here’s the 411…. November 18, 2009

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I know many of you read this and don’t comment (totally cool). I figure I’ll let you know about latest news I have.

I’ve been holding off updating until I had solid info.  Today is that day.  I had a doctors appointment today.  Not so great.  The results from the bone scan and blood work from last time are in and show there’s good reason to believe there may be infection.  definitely not great news.  Now there still may not be….cross your fingers… but it may be a bone infection. The bone scan lit up in places it should not have (ie the big bone, tibia) which leads them to believe that it may be infected.  The little bone, fibula, is broken (as you’ve seen on the X-ray) and also may have infection.

The Plan:

So here’s the plan.  Today they took new x-rays (nothing changed…duh) and scheduled surgery.  I’ll have surgery about a month from now to place a plate and pins into the fibula to hold it together (so the bone won’t just move around at will).  Before placing the plate and pins they will scrape some of the bone off to get a sample.  Then once they are finished with that bone they will make another incision over the tibia and do what’s called an open biopsy (take a bit of bone) from that one.  They’ll take both samples back and try to grow them in the lab.  They’ll be looking at the samples for infections and if it grows then I’ll most likely be put on a 6 week personal IV of antibiotics that you wear for 6 weeks.  If it doesn’t grow we’ll do a little more searching but most likely take an oral (by mouth) antibiotic to try and fight the “infection”.  If neither of those work we’ll do more searching to figure out if it is or is not an infection…some of which will be done on the samples at the lab.

The Drawbacks:

While I understand that this is a necessity and definitely for my benefit I’m not all together thrilled as you can imagine.  There will be quite a bit of pain involved (what else is new) and more extensive recovery than I had hoped.  Best case scenario – I’ll spend 1 night in the hospital after the surgery.  I’ll be on crutches with toe touch restrictions no weight pressure on the leg for 2 weeks. This means no driving because it is my right leg.  (2 weeks!  No driving?!?) And we’ll go with the oral antibiotic.  I don’t want to even imagine the worst case scenario right now.  I’m trying to keep myself contained.  I’m in a public library and would rather not make a scene today..another day maybe.

The Positives:

The surgery will most likely (after everything heals) relieve my pain.  If there is an infection we’ll catch it before it gets too far.  I’ll get a few days off work (maybe more than I’d really like).

While this was long and drawn out post I think it was good for me to just lay it all out so I can think it all through and this way I can ‘inform the masses’ all at once rather than 7 million times.  Ya, cus I get 7 million views! lol.


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