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Smart & Dumb December 4, 2009

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Nothing really new and exciting to post about.  Baiscally just surfing the web killing time.  I’m going shopping in Manhattan this afternoon followed by a remote @ a basketball game.  I only need to go 2 places shopping so killing time at work before heading over. 

Getting pretty far on my Christmas shopping.  I’m more on the ball this year than I’ve ever been.  I think its because I’m feeling like I’m missing a week because of surgery.  I’m trying to get everything done before surgery.  I think tomorrow I’ll put my tree up and a few decorations.  I don’t want to put a whole lot up since I’ll be a gimp after Christmas. 

 Work is fine…nothing to amazing…nothing to complain about either.  Yesterday I felt really smart and really dumb at the same time.  Our eng. Randy and I spent the day reformating a hard drive, installing programs, drivers, mapping servers, etc.  Yeah the smart computer person could do it quickly I’m sure but having never done it before I think we did pretty good for figuring most of it out on our own!  It may have taken us 4 hours or so…. but definitly an accomplishment.  Only 1 more computer to do! We’re going to try to bring one back from the dead.  I think we can do it.  Who knows though.

Wow I’m really at a blank.  I guess that’s all for now……..