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Slacker February 24, 2010

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Happy Track Day #3: Slacker radio makes me happy.  Its like Pandora which also makes me happy.  My current favorite Slacker station is my “STYX BABY!” station I created.  Love me some Slacker Styx!


2 Responses to “Slacker”

  1. Matt Says:

    Where do you find these cool webpages like Slacker and 43things, etc?

  2. joopen Says:

    Slacker was recommended to my by Robert after he found out that I’d been using Pandora. I’ve since switched and so far am liking Slacker.

    As for 43 things it was on a prep service for women that listed a whole bunch of sites. I checked them all out and really became fond of most of the other sites were not so great.

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