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Meeting of the Minds March 31, 2010

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Happy Track Day #37: So I had a meeting with 2 of the upper ups of our company yesterday.  We were going over something the company is looking into online wise and they wanted me to explain and answer questions.  I use those terms loosely. I had a few suggestions for them but mostly answered questions, walked them through it, and said I’ll look into it.  I had some knowledge on the topic but not extensive and have had ZERO hands on experience with it.  lol I did have some ideas and some good answers.  It gave me a huge burst of courage and self confidence to meet with them and be able to walk away feeling smart! It made me happy to know I actually held my own and shared my opinions with the upper ups….. even if it was …… iiiiiinteresting. lol


Here Wii go Again March 30, 2010

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Happy Track Day #36: A few days ago I hooked up the Wii again. Man I forgot how fun it is!  I also ordered a new game online too so I’m excited to get that soon!!  I got active and had fun… it really made me happy to play Wii again!



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Happy Track Day #35: Sunday (posting late) I did a reading for our Easter Cantata at church.  I didn’t want to but I did it.  So many people complimented me on my reading and my voice. One man came up to me in the parking lot and said I should look into a career in TV or Radio.  I told him that I must have chosen the correct career since I’m in radio now.  It was a complete load of confidence which I can always use.  It definitely made me happy.


Roads Less Traveled

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Happy Track Day #34: Whenever possible I like to take the roads less traveled.  I’m not a huge fan of dirt roads but country roads that are paved…county roads… etc…. I love.  Off the beaten path, just slightly, and you can see for miles.  Roll down those windows and crank up the tunes its time to drive!  I did this on Saturday (posting late) and it made me soooo happy.


A Friends Smile March 27, 2010

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Happy Track Day #33: I had a friend come and be a co-host on my show today.  It was great to see her experience it all and great to see her smile.  A crazy busy insane day but what a good day!  See how happy she was to experience it all really made me happy.


Street Curbs March 26, 2010

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Happy Tack Day #32: I LOVE street curbs. The work nicely to help place a fine line between the street and the sidewalk or yard.  They also can elevate your height.  They can make two people relatively the same height who other wise would be very different in height.  They take us short people and make us eye level with those taller people who we are very happy to be eye level with.  Yeah…..Curbs make me happy.


Facebook March 25, 2010

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Happy Track Day #31: I’m not really sure what we did before Facebook.  I hate to admit how much I use it.  Its easy for me to stay in touch with my friends who live in different towns.  Yeah I could call but what about seeing pictures, what if they’re busy… etc.  I spent an hour or so sending messages back and forwarth with a friend of mine who is about 3 hours away.  She was at work and I was at home both on Facebook.  It was great to catch up with her.  I can’t believe how happy Facebook makes me.