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Weather Education March 17, 2010

Filed under: Happy Track — joopen @ 5:53 am

Happy Track Day #23: Yesterday (posting a day late) I went to the Storm Spotter Training Meeting.  It was really quite interesting.  While I’m afraid of storms I am also very interested in them. I learned a lot at the meeting and am almost excited for storm season… ok not quite but I was happy to learn and get a little weather education.


3 Responses to “Weather Education”

  1. Matt Says:

    They’re having one of those here in Great Bend pretty soon. Was it pretty informative, or just like safety information you read during a warning? Get to a ditch, cover your head, pray… etc.

    I remember when I was a little kid and storms would start rolling through, I’d have two TVs and a radio on like my own little mini command center. Then going out after the storms to check the “damage” haha.

    I too find them fascinating, but don’t like it when they beat up my car. =(

    • joopen Says:

      I’d say its worth going to. They only spend like 5min telling you saftey stuff. The rest is helping you identify clouds and when a tornado is about to form. They explain the best position to be in to spot or report a storm. Things to watch for, ways to report, why the storms form, etc. Some of it I knew and if you know quite a bit you might be bored during part of it but I’d say its worth the Hour and a 1/2. You get a few hand outs and walk away feeling like you know lots about storms. I say go! I usually have my computer up with 4 different radars, a chat going with the weather dudes, the tv on and live streaming on the net all at once. I’m a nerd, it happens. Dewy said he went to the JC one and it was 2 hours and boring… but I’m guessing he’s been to them year after year. Mine was 1 1/2 hours and fairly informative.

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