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Roads Less Traveled March 30, 2010

Filed under: Happy Track — joopen @ 1:44 pm

Happy Track Day #34: Whenever possible I like to take the roads less traveled.  I’m not a huge fan of dirt roads but country roads that are paved…county roads… etc…. I love.  Off the beaten path, just slightly, and you can see for miles.  Roll down those windows and crank up the tunes its time to drive!  I did this on Saturday (posting late) and it made me soooo happy.


One Response to “Roads Less Traveled”

  1. Matt Says:

    Most definitely! I took “Old Highway 40” all the way from Junction City to Hays some time ago to go see a friend out there. What a terrific drive! When you’re flying down the interstate, all you’re thinking about is getting there, but that drive was great because I enjoyed the whole trip out and back.

    Sure a lot of the speed limits are 55 mph, and all sorts of towns to go through, but there’s not a ton of traffic. And there’s just something romantic about traveling they way they used to, in a time before the “superhighways”.

    So if you ever aren’t in a hurry and are heading to JC or Salina, just take 14th St out of town and enjoy the ride!

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