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Awakening April 29, 2010

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Happy Track Day #66:  I woke up with a will to praise God!  Its not like I did a 180 but was just more hungry for the Lord!  All day I had this feeling. It encouraged me to be happier, be more prayerful, sing more, and be open to others throughout my whole day!  I almost feel like I’ve been in a long dark sleep and have just had an awakening!


Dad Calls April 28, 2010

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Happy Track Day #65: I talk to my folks about once a week or so.  If they don’t call me I’ll call them. Its almost always the same thing.  I’m put on speaker phone almost immediately.  Both parents are present at the beginning of the conversation, after a short time Mom has had enough.  She’s not mad or anything just doesn’t spend lots of time talking on the phone.  Dad however could talk forever.  I talked to my dad for 2 1/2 hours yesterday!  Some of it important, some fluff but all worth the time.  I LOVE my Dad phone calls! We can be serious and laugh our heads off all in 1 call and never notice the hours roll by.


Pain Days April 27, 2010

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Happy Track Day #64: (April 26) Had a rough day with leg pain.  This is a “happy track” blog intended to help me see and appreciate the happy things of each day…. so here it goes….The only positive I can seem to pull from this day is that I really appreciate the days with minimal pain.


The Park

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Happy Track Day #63: (April 25) After church and our regular (last time) Sunday lunch the girls and I went to the park.  We stopped by the grocery store first and grabbed some bread.  We fed the ducks and fish with our bread.  We enjoyed the sunshine, each other’s company, and watching a turtle attempt multipule times to get out of the water.  Poor Alfredo Pink Sauce (the turtle) he’d almost get all the way out and someone would walk by and scare him right back into the pond.  Alfredo P.S. finally got out and then was brave even in the face of dogs!  It was such a fantastic time.  We had no concerns or worries just enjoyed the moments!



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Happy Track Day #62: (April 24) I did the dishes and really had a though.  Who first thought of dishes, soap, and the system we have.  I am not a fan at all of doing dishes.  I can remember a long time ago when I was a young pup I’d play in the water rather than doing the dishes just making a big mess.  Now I hurry though it getting on to the next thing I need to do.  I took time Saturday to just enjoy how clean the dishes were getting and how far my life has come since those days of splashing in the sink.



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Happy Track Day #61: (for April 23) I did a remote for the Kansas Action for Children.  There was a touring bus traveling around to different cities to spread the word of budget cuts about to happen for early childhood education programs in Kansas.  While the remote started at 3:30 and the bus didn’t arrive at the rally until 4:30 it was really impressive to see the community join together for it!  The first hour was pretty lonely at the park but after that it was amazing to see how people really care about things and will come together as a community. It gave me a real feeling of home, togetherness, and community.



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Happy Track Day #60: (quite a few days late…this is for April, 22) I decided to  have a little Gumption.  I took matters into my own hands and had a little confidence in myself.  I decided what was right not someone else… not me trying to please someone else… I…. I… did it! And I only regret it a little… Even though someone wanted to stay and talk in the rain under a tree I decided I wasn’t going to ALWAYS be available…. I went home and had a great nights sleep!