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Co-Workers April 19, 2010

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Happy Track Day #54:  Never did I think I’d be HAPPY about something the sales staff did.  While I like some of my co-workers and tolerate the others I honestly never saw this coming.  I did a remote Friday…no biggie…baseball toss.  I get out of the van and am met by our Sales Manager/VP.  He  quickly looks surprised and says “You’re not Rodney” I respond with “No I sure am not.  Never have been never will be.”  He proceeds with about 10 more comments (in a row) about how he thought Rodney was coming and gulled me about where Rodney was.  At first it was just surprised but after about the first 200 comments I started to get a little irate.  I finally said ” If you’d like I can go get him and he can do this remote….if you don’t think I’m sufficient enough.”  The rest of the evening he called me Rodney.  I know you’re thinking what’s happy about this…..wait for the silver lining my friends.. 2 sales reps and 1 engineer were there and started to defend me and tell me how mad it was making them!  Go figure Sales reps have my back?!? lol that made it a little easier to swallow.


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