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Walk Through The Pain April 19, 2010

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Happy Track Day #55: While Saturday I spent some GOOD quality time with my Instant movies from Netflix on my Wii I finally decided to get up and DO something.  It was really a beautiful day so I decided I’d go for a walk.  Me and my MP3 Player hit the road.  We had a great time for the first bit.  I started with small goals…walk to the hospital and back…once getting to the hospital I decided to go farther…forgetting its uphill…lol… I went farther and set my sights on even farther….Then I pulled back the goal  a little.  Little steps not gigantic leaps. I walked 1.6 miles in pain.  Yes I know 1.6 miles isn’t far.  But I still am having some on and off severe leg pain.  I’ve just decided its going to hurt either way so I might as well get something out of that pain huh?  I’m hoping to be ok with the pain and continue to walk through the pain on a regular basis.  It was very refreshing to enjoy the outdoors and the exertion of energy.


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