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Canceled Plans May 31, 2010

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Happy Track Day #99: (May 30) So I had plans to meet up with a friend in Manhattan, grab some Chinese and catch a movie.  Haven’t seen this friend in quite some time so I was pretty excited about it.  We ended up canceling the plans about 20 min before I was planning on leaving.  It gave me the evening to myself which was nice but definitely unwanted.  If I can pull anything good from this night it would be that it made me appreciate the times my plans don’t’ get chanced or canceled.  I’m not mad, it was mutual, it just sucked.  I want to cherish from here on out the times things do go as planned!


Driveway Time

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Happy Track Day #98: (May 29) A good friend of my was in town this weekend and Saturday night we were looking for something to do.  It was such a nice night out that we wanted to do something outside.  There’s just nothing to do outside in this town.  So what did we do?  Grabbed some lawn chairs and parked our booties on the driveway.  Some good old fashion driveway time! We sat out there for hours just enjoying the weather and eachother’s company.  Yeah I know, we’re old, but it was a great time!  Whenever you get a chance enjoy some driveway time.


Different Perspectives

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Happy Track Day #97: (May 28) So its always interesting to see the world through someone else’s eyes.  To see things from a different view point. This guy came up to me at a recent remote and asked me how ninety-seven and a 1/2 was treating me.  lol 97 and a 1/2. I’ve never thought of it that way.


Branching Out

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Happy Track Day #96: (May 27)  Been thinking hard about an opportunity that has crossed my path.  While I’m not sure I’m really ready for a challenge but I’m at least I’m stepping up and not letting it pass me by.  I’m excited, nervous, and not ready or sure of what I want the outcome to be either but I’m happy to acknowledge it.


Encrouaging Friends

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Happy Track Day #95: (May 26) I’ve been debating something recently that I’d rather keep private but what I’d like to mention is how supportive some of my friends were.  So encouraging and so positive! I really am grateful for such great friends and co-workers who are right there for me when I need them ready and willing to encouraging me.  That feeling makes me so happy.


Paying off Debt

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Happy Track Day #94: (May 25) I have never felt so free!  Today I wrote a fairly decent size check to pay off my credit card.  I also wrote a check to pay off 1 of my medical bills and in a few days when the 1 medical bill I have left comes I’ll pay that one off too!  Paying off debt is so liberating!  Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t behind on payments and I wasn’t a thousand dollars in debt or anything but more than I’d like to.  Its so nice to know I don’t owe anyone anything! What a great free feeling!!!!


Bless this House

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Happy Track Day #93: (May 24) So sitting in my living room today I realized.  I am so very blessed.  Not only do I have a family that cares for me, friends that are there for me, a job that provides, all my needs met, I also have a very nice house that I should be so grateful to live in.  Granted I rent it but I am so blessed to live in this house.  It fits me perfectly.  I’m blessed for this house and I hope anything that happens while I live here is blessed as well.  Bless this house!