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Drive Home – In No Mans Land May 31, 2010

Filed under: Happy Track — joopen @ 12:28 pm

Happy Track Day #75: (May 6)  I took a few days off work and headed home for Mother’s Day and my dad’s birthday.  This was the first time going home in a while.  They’ve closed the exit on the turnpike that I usually take… at least I knew this before heading out so I had planned an alternative route.  I took the new exit which was actually closer to my folks house.  I took the exit but wasn’t sure where I was.  You exit the interstate and you’re in the middle of no where.  No signs (well no specific ones), no landmarks, no houses, no nothing!  So I picked a direction and went that way.  I eventually figured out where I was and 30 min later arrived at my folks house.  Here’s the kicker…had I turned the exact opposite direction I would have been home in about 15min instead of 30! lol It was fun navigating through land I’d never been before though! Good times.


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