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iTunes TV May 31, 2010

Filed under: Happy Track — joopen @ 1:53 pm

Happy Track Day #87: (May 18) So Mondays I HAVE to watch House.  Its one of my favorite TV shows.  I also (as you can see from the previous post) tend to go out on Monday evenings to dinner with a good friend.  I set the DVR to record it so I wouldn’t miss House.  here’s the deal…. a while back I set the DVR clock a head.  Just by a few min.  I did this so I wouldn’t miss the beignning of a show.  However…..I’m an idot.  When you set a dvr colck ahead… you get the beginning of a show but you do however miss the end!  It was the season finale!! I missed the last few min!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??!?!?!  I was scowering the internet to find the show and figured out it would be posted in 8 days! 8 days!!!! I can’t wait 8 days.  I went to iTunes clicked on the TV tab and downloaded the episode.  Sure it cost me $3 but it was some of the best $3 I’ve ever spent! Thank you iTunes TV…thank you!


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