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Meet the Neighbor May 31, 2010

Filed under: Happy Track — joopen @ 1:24 pm

Happy Track Day #85: (May 16) Bought some flowers today to put in a box that’s hanging on my porch railing.  I’d been in Salina all day and just wanted to change into some lounge clothes and relax for an hour or so before planting my new flowers.  I decided to put them on the front porch and just leave them their until I planted them.  Well as I took them from the garage to the porch my neighbors sitting across the street on their porch.  My neighbor lady shouts “OH SHE BOUGHT FLOWERS!!” She ended up coming over to look at my flowers and look at where I wanted to plant them.  It ended up with the 2 of us planting the flowers.  May I point out that I’d never even met this women before in my life.  lol what an interesting time planting flowers while meeting the neighbor lady!


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