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UPS Delivery? June 17, 2010

Filed under: Happy Track — joopen @ 3:55 pm

Happy Track Day #115: (June 15) So the UPS truck pulls up at my house today.  I’d done some recent shopping online so figured it was my package just a few days early.  He left the packages at the door rang the bell and basically ran back to the truck.  As I went out and picked up the packages I realized they were not mine.  Not my name at all.  Right address… wrong street!  In my sock feet I go running down the street chasing the big brown Truck.  He saw me kinda wave at him and he just friendly waved back as if to say “you’re welcome.” lol I caught up to the truck as he was walking back to his truck carring packages from another house BACK to his truck.  He looks at me (in the middle of the street hopping puddles, holding packages, in my sock feet) and says…. “I’m on the wrong block!” lol!!! It made my day!


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