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Insurance Coverage June 18, 2010

Filed under: Happy Track — joopen @ 2:36 pm

Happy Track Day #116: (June 16) So today something really fantastic happened.  Lets back track quickly first… 1.)My doctor told me last week we’ve got one more LAST CHANCE SHOT for my leg.  2.) It was supposed to be “not 100% scientific” and “very expensive”.  Ok now for the history.  Over the past year I’ve paid TONS in medical bills.  Met my deductable and then the 20% 80% payment amount as well.  Once you’ve maxed both of those insurance is responsible for 100% of the payments. 

OK now for the really good part.  I’ve gotten very close to maxing out my payout…. (odd that’s the good part) This Bone Healing System is THOUSANDS of dollars.  They called today to tell me that my insurance approved it and I only owe $4.80.  That 4.80 is all I had left to hit my max pay out.  My insurance is responsible for the THOUSANDS left over!!! The kicker… my insurance starts over July 1st.  Got that in just in time!! 

On another note… since everything is free from here on out.. lets have some fun until July 1st?  I’m game for anything. (kidding).


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