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Ultrasound Bone Healing System June 18, 2010

Filed under: Happy Track — joopen @ 2:43 pm

Happy Track Day #117: (June 17) Got my new machine today.  Its an Ultrasound Bone Healing System.  Yeah.. ok.. lol. Its supposed to use ultrasound to stimulate bone growth. It has an 86% success rate.  I met with Scott (the guy from the machine’s company) today to learn how to use it.  He had nothing but GOOD things to say about how he felt this product was going to work in my case.  He may have been blowing smoke but it felt very genuine.  He said he’s seen non-union’s similar to mine (somewhat) and sees no reason why it wouldn’t work.  He turned to me after telling me everything and said “Consider today your first day to recovery!” “Your first day of healing”.   It was very inspirational!  Anyway I now have the machine and a load of positive thoughts about it.  I put it on once a day for 20 min each time for 2 months to start with.  HERE GOES NOTHING……


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