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Life is good! August 1, 2010

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Life is good.  I’ve got a roof over my head, basically all I need, able to have fun with friends and loved ones, who could ask for more?  Its been one fantastic weekend. Saturday – Lunch with my girls followed by Painting Pottery at On the Pot which = hours of fun.  Sunday – Amazing church service! Totally moving and emotional.  I felt so connected today!  Then lunch at Jimmy Johns on the Patio with some friends.  Relaxing this evening at home just getting a few things around the house. Feeling very blessed today.  I’m so grateful for the life the Lord has provided for me.  If only I’d live it for him.


Failure? July 27, 2010

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So I was doing this thing I called my Happy Track and posting each day something that made me happy that day.  The point was to do it for a year so I’d learn to really appreciate things of each day and realize how blessed and happy my life is.  Yes I planned on doing it every day for a year.  I failed……. I made it 118 days… in some ways….success…in others… failure.  I’m going to walk away with saying it was a positive thing.  I did learn to look at each day and count my blessings for that day.  I was upset at not completing the task at first but I did make it 118 days and well I’ve learned to see the positive.  I’ll still blog, and hopefully happy things, but just not the “happy track” that it has been.  Here’s me admitting defeat.  YAY!


Quick Post November 5, 2009

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Here’s a quick post….becuase I’m sitting in the coffee shop and they are about to close but I don’t want to leave yet and not enough time to start something else to work on.

I found out last week the source of my leg pain (so they think.) I got to see the 1st X-ray in 3 years.  Guess what… I have a broken leg! That would explain it.  The little bone, fibula, never grew completly back together after the 2002 accident.  Why its bothered me more in the last 6 months we don’t know.

leg up closeYou can see the rod in my big bone, Tibia, which seems to be healed alright, and the break in the fibula.  It was originally broke in 2 places and the top part rejoined by itself… the bottom was supposed to but didn’t (as you can see.)

Yesterday I had a bone scan done where they place radioactive fluids in you and take lots and lots of scans (1 every 4 seconds) to figure out the ‘hot spots’.  It was interesting. I find out in 2 weeks from yesterday (nov. 18) if I’ll be having surgery to place a plate and pins in.  Its about 75 -25 in favor of surgery.  Not great odds.  Anyway very busy with doctor apts and work and everything but just wanted to update when I had a minuet. Ok Moca’s is closing in 5 min I better head out.  Here’s to good sipping!



Hakuna Matata October 20, 2009

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If only it meant no worries for the rest of my days…….

I’m a little emotional tonight I must say and honestly, I don’t know why.  I’m sure there are millions of reasons.

1.) I’m fighting with a friend 2.) I’m a girl 3.) I’m on antidepressants for a severe pain medication 4.)I’m in the process of quitting the antidepressant meds 5.) Somehow this week lines of communication have opened with someone I’m not sure I’m ready to talk to. 6.)I’m excited to go to Waco and see Angela & Matt Friday 7.)I’m in pain even as I type 8.) The one person I’d love to see & talk to I won’t get to see or talk to for another week.

But who really knows? lol

I went to the doctor today.  We’re stopping the anti-depressants and going back on the tramadol.  Neither worked so I’m not torn one way or the other.  However we’re adding a 3rd thing into the mix…..Pain Patches.  This is a new and exciting attempt.  I’ve also agreed to see another ortho. I’ve been holding back because I 1/2 know and am 1/2 scared of what any ortho will tell me.  I try to be this strong person who can take on the world…but if you tell me I’m limited its going to put a blow to this confidence that I’ve worked so hard to build up. Ironically my iTunes is playing Creed -“Are you ready for what’s to come” right now. I’m tired of being in pain, I’m tired of facing this, I’m wishing it was over, I’m dreading the words “it will never be over”.  I know the Ortho will tell me there’s not much we can do and I’ll have to live with this.  Its what I heard years ago. I’m not willing to accept that I have this thing holding me back.  I don’t want to be the person who can’t stand for long periods of time, who can’t play sports, who CAN’T EVER RUN. All I really want to do is run.

So I’m fighting with a close friend and hate myself for it.  I don’t like to be this way.  It was thing after thing that built up and finally exploded when she broke the handle of my car door off. If you have no respect for me, no respect for my time, emotions, feelings, and now property how can I respect you in return? Its been a few days now and I’ve calmed down a little.  She did finally call and apologize to my voicemail 2 days later. I think I just need some time apart and I think that’s what I plan on doing….taking time for myself.

Ok enough pitty party.  I’m very excited for the end of this week.  Thursday the folks are coming and we’re heading out for Waco! We’ll swing through Hutch for a few hours with the grandparents and then go 1/2 way and spend the night somewhere.  Friday afternoon we’ll be in Waco!!!!!!! I’m really really excited. We’re driving back Monday so it won’t be the longest trip ever but I’ll take it!


June Update June 9, 2009

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Ok so its been awhile… my apologies.

Been really busy latley and not a whole lot of free time.  You know the drill when you finally get the free time you use it to sleep, eat, watch House, and play Wii and really not a whole lot of that either.

Working lots of hours these days. Last week I went in early every day and stayed late every day as well. Just lots to do and not so many people around to do them.  Its our busy time right now so its a little understandable.  Still feels like about 3 employees total though.   Lost 1 full time and 1 part time employee in the last few weeks (are loosing I guess I should say).  Which doesn’t help the work load much. We started a new thing with texting this past few weeks.  I guess its my baby.  i’m not really happy about that but what’s a girl to do?  Feel a little nervous and responsible though when/if something goes wrong with it.  Only because its been placed in my lap for the last 5 months and now its in action & apparently I’m in charge. As of yesterday I’m scheduled for 6 remotes in the next 2 weeks. More to come for sure.  Just needing a vacation that’s all. No time to take one right now.

Saturday I threw a bridal shower for Teresa.  I think it went well.  Just over 45 people showed up.  Lots of work but hopefully it was successful.  Getting things all lined up for the other wedding events.

Having some major pain in my leg again.  It happens usually about once a week all year round and this time of year a little more often because of the unsettled weather but normally not this bad or often.  I did go running on it a few weeks ago which ALMOST killed me.  I was litterally in tears as I limped back to my house.  I made a few calls and was told I’d never run again.  that stinks.  My leg’s been hurting a ton this week.  Almost constant for the last 3 days and keeping me from getting sleep. Going to have to do something if this keeps up.

This kind of sounds like a downer update but really things are pretty good.  Work is going good just busy, life outside of work is good too spending some good time with friends and really enjoying life…maybe not to the fullest but fairly close. lol.  Hope all is well with all of you!


Surprise x 2 March 9, 2009

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So recovering from the shock of my amazing surprise party I went to work today expecting a normal calm day at work.

Did the show(s) got the rest of my work done (for the moment) and was waiting around for the meeting.  Our meeting was pushed back from 12 to 12:20 today.  At about 12:10 Erin comes down stairs and tells me Robert needs to see me.  I walk up stairs and his office door is closed.  I open the door and behind the door stands Angela & Matt (my sister and bro-in-law) I couldn’t believe it.  They drove up from Texas!!! This is their spring break so they drove up to see me and family!!!!!  What a great surprise!

After my work meeting Angela, Matt, and I went to lunch at El Tap.. and we went to my house.  They stayed and chatted until about 5:30 and then they headed to KC to see the folks.  What a great surprise!! Any more surprises and I think I’ll have a heart attack!