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Talent May 6, 2010

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Happy Track Day #73: (Wed. May 5) Did a remote at the KCAC Baseball tournament.  I had a great time interviewing the Commissioner of KCAC and coaches and such.  I used to always be nervous interviewing people but I really enjoyed it and seemed to do it with ease.  It made me realize some talent that I have and really appreciate having that talent.  Also it was a GREAT day for baseball!


Dinner Drives

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Happy Track Day #72: I love being an adult and saying yeah…lets drive an hour or more to go have dinner.  Sounds good to me.  Its a freedom that when we’re younger we don’t have and may not even really want but now that I have it, its nice to be able to just go DO whatever.  Went to Hutch for dinner what a free feeling! (too bad gas isn’t free)


30 Rock

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Happy Track Day #71:  So I’ve been pretty overwhelmingly satisfied with my Netflix instant play on the Wii. Recently I decided I’d give 30 Rock a shot on Netflix.  I figured with it being a 21min TV show I could watch an episode and go do other things and a few days later watch another episode…. So I started the first episode…..7 hours later I finished the entire first season!  (Posting this a bit late I can say I’m not on season 3)  30 rock makes me happy.  That Tina Fey girl rocks.


Coffee Ice Cream

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Happy Track Day #70: (Sunday May 2) We had our end of the season concert for my church choir on Sunday night.  We did a whole ice cream social afterwards as well.  Us choir members brought the goodies 1/2 of which was the homemade ice cream.  The amazing flavors people made at home.. strawberry, chocolate, toffee, oreo, vanilla, and……COFFEE!! Home made coffee ice cream!!! IT was amazing!  I loved it!  Definitely one of my all time favs.


Power of Prayer

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Happy Track Day #69: Was a little worried about a remote I had to do.  Everyone told me this guy is difficult to deal with and it was going to be bad.  Before going to the remote I stopped everything and prayed about the remote.  Go figure the remote went smoothly…the guy was more than easy to deal with and the remote went without a glitch.  That’s the power of prayer my friends!



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Happy Track Day #68: (Friday April 30) I watched “Up in the Air”.  It was a good movie but I’ve never felt more alone.  It really made me feel grateful for the amazing people I have been blessed with in my life!



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Happy Track Day #67: (a week late) I absolutely love Thursdays.  For many reasons really but I love getting together with my Thursday night group!  Those people mean the world to me.  I look forward to Thursdays every week and am so happy when it comes around.