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I think A Change Would Do You Good… October 13, 2009

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So I changed the look of my blog.  Not sure if I like it yet but its definitly different. 

As I sit at work killing time before I go to swim at the Y I just fester more and more about something I’ve decided to get off my chest………

At work they have decided to bring back monthly production awards.  We are supposed to pick 3 of our production peices every month to submit for judging.  They used to have something like this but it wasn’t mandatory or at least not enforced.  I would enter production when I deemed it outstanding.  I work hard at my job but most of the time don’t see my work as outstanding so I didn’t submit very often.  1 employee was the only one submiting on a regular basis.  They’ve brought it back and made it mandatory now… we must have 3 in each month. 

The worst part about this is that I know the motives behind it.  We’ve heard before that our production isn’t as good as ‘the jones’. They wont come out and say it but its to create competition in us and drive us to try harder.  What lights my fire is they don’t recognize that we may be already trying hard-er.  That its not always the production but maybe the copy… maybe JUST maybe if our work loads were smaller or if the copy was better would our production be better.  This does not push me to be better it makes me want to be worse.  I don’t like this change.  I work hard and do my best in so many areas of, and I’ll use the term loosly, “my job”.  I continuously get more things on my plate that are not even remotly related to my job but I do them and do them well.  I even strive for the best at each thing but when what I get in return is this silly compitition it is like fuel to my fire.  Don’t stop and take a look at what else could lead to the bettering of production or even bettering of the company just throw that blame on over here at us peeons that’s just fine.  Yes I will participate and will submit my mandatory 3 but its not going to make me try any hader when I’m already trying to give it my all.  Thanks for noticing….

Not that I’m upset or anything.


June Update June 9, 2009

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Ok so its been awhile… my apologies.

Been really busy latley and not a whole lot of free time.  You know the drill when you finally get the free time you use it to sleep, eat, watch House, and play Wii and really not a whole lot of that either.

Working lots of hours these days. Last week I went in early every day and stayed late every day as well. Just lots to do and not so many people around to do them.  Its our busy time right now so its a little understandable.  Still feels like about 3 employees total though.   Lost 1 full time and 1 part time employee in the last few weeks (are loosing I guess I should say).  Which doesn’t help the work load much. We started a new thing with texting this past few weeks.  I guess its my baby.  i’m not really happy about that but what’s a girl to do?  Feel a little nervous and responsible though when/if something goes wrong with it.  Only because its been placed in my lap for the last 5 months and now its in action & apparently I’m in charge. As of yesterday I’m scheduled for 6 remotes in the next 2 weeks. More to come for sure.  Just needing a vacation that’s all. No time to take one right now.

Saturday I threw a bridal shower for Teresa.  I think it went well.  Just over 45 people showed up.  Lots of work but hopefully it was successful.  Getting things all lined up for the other wedding events.

Having some major pain in my leg again.  It happens usually about once a week all year round and this time of year a little more often because of the unsettled weather but normally not this bad or often.  I did go running on it a few weeks ago which ALMOST killed me.  I was litterally in tears as I limped back to my house.  I made a few calls and was told I’d never run again.  that stinks.  My leg’s been hurting a ton this week.  Almost constant for the last 3 days and keeping me from getting sleep. Going to have to do something if this keeps up.

This kind of sounds like a downer update but really things are pretty good.  Work is going good just busy, life outside of work is good too spending some good time with friends and really enjoying life…maybe not to the fullest but fairly close. lol.  Hope all is well with all of you!


2 Years May 14, 2009

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Well I made it 2 years!  Today marks 2 years for me at my job!  Things are going pretty well. Not to many complaints.  I never thought I’d have the responsibilities at work that I have today.  I’m not always sure I’d like them but I appreciate the trust and respect.  It seems crazy to already be 2 years for me.  Here’s to 2 more…..


Work Birthday March 11, 2009

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So today is my actual birthday.  Woke up and was getting ready when I got a phone call at 4:50am  Mark remembered it was my birthday and called me before both he and I went to work.  Then I go to work with a coffee cake I made ready for an uneventful day.

During the show we start talking about American Idol when Robert says he’s going to grab one of the DJs from across the hall becuase they were just talking about A.I.  So he says just talk amungst yourself.  So I went on and on about American Idol and what I thought…as I was talking to myself.  Soon after Robert walks in with a paper plate holding a homemade taco and a cupcake with a candle in it!  Yup he MADE tacos for my birthday!  He brought in a crockpot of taco meat that he made and all the fixins like lettus, tomatoes, cheese, and salsa.  While I’m eating my taco (on-air) he gives me a pink bag and says this present goes with it.  I open it up and its a can of Squirt soda.  lol Squirt is kind of a Morning Show joke.  So I enjoyed my tacos and squirt this morning during the show thanks to Robert!!!!

Honestly am shocked!  It means a lot that he a.)remmeberd b.) cared  c.)made the food and d.)said he brought in tacos becuase he knows Mexican food is my favorite.  There was also a happy birthday sign on the studio window.  So we all got to enjoy tacos and coffee cake today!!!  I’m now enjoying a grape slush from sonic happy hours…. hey its my birthday!!


Here’s to Hoping! December 22, 2008

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This last weekend was somewhat eventful. Finally got over my cold last week like Wednesdayish then woke up Saturday with an ear ache. Being an experienced Ear Infection girl (very very experienced) I knew I needed medication right away.  Drove to Salina to the walk-in clinic because it was Saturday.  Yup TWO ear infections….yay one for each ear…just what I wanted for Christmas!  So I’m on antibiotics which the Pharmacist told me may cause babies.  I figure its a lot like other side effects really. 


She didn’t say it in those words and I MAY be exaggerating a little tiny bit…. she said it can counteract birth control.  I wanted to explain to her that in order for that to be an issue there’s got to be a man involved and well……yeah we won’t go there.  It could lead to my whole dicussion on “I believe in marriage before babies, but I don’t believe in marriage, so do I believe in babies??????”  I just told her that wouldn’t be a problem and she said “well we like to warn everyone because ….ha.. that wouldn’t be a great Christmas surprise!”  I chuckled glanced at her and said “neither are two ear infections.”  Anyway long story short my medication may cause babies.  A friend likes to say “spontaneous reproduction” (lol still funny Sarah!) I just say “Its ok, I’m on medication that may cause babies….here’s to hoping!”  

I spent most of the day Saturday in Salina after the doctor.  Then Saturday night I went to Kites in Manhattan for the company Christmas party.  Oh the drunken spouses, stimulating small talk, incorrectly-printed – fabulous station shirts, Texas Hold-em and Blackjack, and oh-so-entertaining Karaoke.  The real downfall of the night was the anticipation of a certain someone to serenade us.  We did get 1 quick version of Burnin’ Ring of Fire but the Karaoke sadly had no Elvis. Matt if you’re reading this….I snatched this picture from the rest just for you….

maandshortyOh and the shirt he’s wearing says Elves gone wild…Christmas Break. He made it a point to show me. huh huh huh. And he hugged me when I left.. oh what a great party. Too bad I couldn’t fully enjoy it on account of the double ear infections and antibiotics and all. Or maybe that’s what kept me sane. 

I’m off to take more meds….which may cause babies….here’s to hoping!!


Tuesday November 4th November 5, 2008

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Tuesday was a big day all over the nation a historical day, an emtional day even for some… Tuesday was all those but for a different reason.  I got a call Tuesday evening telling me that my grandpa died.  Since then everything has come to a hault.  (Matt…I might take you up on your offer for html help but I’m putting a hold on it until next week.) 

I went to work today because right now there’s nothing I can do to help.  The funeral will be in Greensburg on Friday.  I think I’m going to head out there Thursday afternoon after work and stay with my friend Teresa in Kinsely.  I just am kinda in shock and unsure of what to do.  It was really hard hearing my dad cry and talking to him about it last night.  I was doing ok with it until about 5am today.  On my way to work I put on some peaceful music on my mp3 player and just lost it all the way to work. I am really glad I went to Council Grove Saturday and got to visit with him…..he was doing so well though!  He stood up 3 times and one time took his hands off the lift machine and said “look ma no hands! I’m standing and No  hands!”  This just seems like a shock.  He was so happy to see me and the folks.  We didn’t expect this at all.  Its just really hard.  I’m sure the next few months will be rough too with the Holidays and everything.  

I’m going to try to make it to Sarah’s birthday party in Salina on Saturday (Sarah I really really will try! I hope I can at least stop by for a bit!) but have no clue what’s going on really.  With family and what not. It just seems like my whole world has changed right now.


HTML Headache To My Little brain November 4, 2008

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Ok so the title doesn’t really make sense. My brain is exhausted.  The show was mediocre at best today.  Yesterday it was kind of blah as well.  Hopefully tomorrow is better.  Meeting day today.  It was fine nothing major….except the idea of me just waving a magical wand to create things! Second meeting after the first, more headache and magic wand scheduled for me.  I like my job I really do and I’m really learning a lot by doing the website.  However, I’m STILL LEARNING  I’ve not been trained in this or anything.  I’m learning as I go basically.  But sometimes its assumed that I can just create whatever needed or wanted and within seconds.  I got most of the stuff done today that was asked but I’ve got quite a bit to work on still.  More logos to create, more pages to create….and a little dare I say H-T-M-L. 

So I’ve been getting the hang of simple HTML code and can manage our website pretty well and am doing new stuff all the time… however I’m no where near a HTMLer.  SO if anyone is great at HTML or are an original HTMLer I could use your assistance.  I’m ALMOST there…I’ve almost got figured out what I’m trying to do but I want to tweek 1 small part of it.  I’ve read so many help pages and html codes and tested multiple ones today that I’ve got a headache and feel like I’ve gone insane.  I’m giving it a rest and hopefully going to pick it up in a few hours and have it all figured out. riiiiiiiiight

Meanwhile I think I’ll surf the internet in the comfort of my own home. ahhhhhhh luxury.