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Movie Theaters June 17, 2010

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Happy Track Day #113: (June 13) So its no secret that I love movies.  I’m a huge advocite for Netflix.  I don’t go often but I do tend to go about once every other month to the Movie Theaters.  I absolutely LOVE going to the movies!  The entire experience is just such a thrill!  I love the big screens, I love the sound systems, I love the way you’re sucked into the movie like its the only thing in the entire world!  I saw Killers today and LOVED it.  A lot funnier than I thought it would be.  I just love the movie theaters!


Cinnamon Rolls

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Happy Track Day #112: (June 12) Cinnamon Rolls oh Cinnamon Rolls ooooh how I love thee! I made some cinnamon rolls this morning (well if you can call it that…. took them out of a roll in the refrigerator and into the oven.) and realized how much I really do love cinnamon rolls.  MAN seriously they made my day!  FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!


Facebook Fast

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Happy Track Day #111: (June 11) So On Monday (June 8th) I decided that I was going to take a week off of Facebook.   Yup a whole week.  I’m in the middle of it now and not regretting my decision 1 bit.  I decided that I didn’t want Facebook to be a big part of my life.  I’d use it once in a while to stay connected to friends but there is no need to check it 3-4 times a day or spend an hour or more on it.  I’m really glad to take this week away from it and just reorganize my time and start fresh.


New People

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Happy Track Day #110: (June 10) So I really love meeting new people.  Tonight at our bible study we had a new person!  Her name is Crystal and she was great!  I’m hopping she returns because she makes a great addition to our group and that says a lot.  Not many people could just walk in and fit in with our group.  We’re pretty tight knit but she seemed to fit right in.  Here’s to hoping she returns!


Doctors & X-Rays

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Happy Track Day #109: (June 9) Went to the Doctor today.  At one point he pointed to the x-ray of my leg and said ” This does not make me happy” lol WHAT?!?!  I stood up and we both stood very close to the x-ray with our hands on our chins examining it….that is until I realized.. I’m not the doctor so I should sit down and let him look at the x-ray. lol.

This is after btw he left to “go get my old  x-rays”  and just went into the exam room next to mine and saw another patient.  He walks back in my room and says oh yeah I need you x-rays…. about to leave when his Cell phone rings… he says I’ve gotta take this… He walks into the hall way and I hear “Are you playing softball with us on Friday?  Ok we’ll be out there at 7:30.”  THEN and only THEN do I hear him finally ask someone for my x-rays! lol I’m still really grateful for his knowledge and his willingness to not give up on me.  Even if he did say this next idea is “Our last resort and not 100% scientific.”


My Shoe Collection

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Happy Track Day #108: (June 8 ) So a girl can never have too many shoes.  She can have a lot though. lol my shoe collection amazes even me on a weekly basis.  Don’t get me wrong I’m always looking for good shoe sales and that next perfect pair… but I do really love the shoes I have and all the choices I have!  Just a reminder people… the right pair of shoes can MAKE or BREAK the outfit.



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Happy Track Day #107: (June 7) MONDAY = MEETING DAY.  Not fun usually.  So why does this make me happy?  Well, while I’m not a fan of meetings, we do tend to get lots done and things at least organized a bit (if only for a few days).  This is why I love meetings.  They get us all together and all on the same page.  While I’m not fantastic at organization I do secretly have a loving relationship with it.  That my friends is why meetings make me happy.