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Failure? July 27, 2010

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So I was doing this thing I called my Happy Track and posting each day something that made me happy that day.  The point was to do it for a year so I’d learn to really appreciate things of each day and realize how blessed and happy my life is.  Yes I planned on doing it every day for a year.  I failed……. I made it 118 days… in some ways….success…in others… failure.  I’m going to walk away with saying it was a positive thing.  I did learn to look at each day and count my blessings for that day.  I was upset at not completing the task at first but I did make it 118 days and well I’ve learned to see the positive.  I’ll still blog, and hopefully happy things, but just not the “happy track” that it has been.  Here’s me admitting defeat.  YAY!