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I think A Change Would Do You Good… October 13, 2009

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So I changed the look of my blog.  Not sure if I like it yet but its definitly different. 

As I sit at work killing time before I go to swim at the Y I just fester more and more about something I’ve decided to get off my chest………

At work they have decided to bring back monthly production awards.  We are supposed to pick 3 of our production peices every month to submit for judging.  They used to have something like this but it wasn’t mandatory or at least not enforced.  I would enter production when I deemed it outstanding.  I work hard at my job but most of the time don’t see my work as outstanding so I didn’t submit very often.  1 employee was the only one submiting on a regular basis.  They’ve brought it back and made it mandatory now… we must have 3 in each month. 

The worst part about this is that I know the motives behind it.  We’ve heard before that our production isn’t as good as ‘the jones’. They wont come out and say it but its to create competition in us and drive us to try harder.  What lights my fire is they don’t recognize that we may be already trying hard-er.  That its not always the production but maybe the copy… maybe JUST maybe if our work loads were smaller or if the copy was better would our production be better.  This does not push me to be better it makes me want to be worse.  I don’t like this change.  I work hard and do my best in so many areas of, and I’ll use the term loosly, “my job”.  I continuously get more things on my plate that are not even remotly related to my job but I do them and do them well.  I even strive for the best at each thing but when what I get in return is this silly compitition it is like fuel to my fire.  Don’t stop and take a look at what else could lead to the bettering of production or even bettering of the company just throw that blame on over here at us peeons that’s just fine.  Yes I will participate and will submit my mandatory 3 but its not going to make me try any hader when I’m already trying to give it my all.  Thanks for noticing….

Not that I’m upset or anything.